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and watches in the time
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Why BriteCo

Why insure your jewelry?
Here are some facts you
should know:



  • Most homeowners and renters policies don’t cover your fine jewelry and watches. If they do, it’s for a very limited amount
  • The average cost of an engagement ring is over $7,500, making an out-of-pocket loss costly
  • Jewelry insurance only costs about 1-2% of the total value


BriteCo partners with your local jeweler
to make insuring your fine jewelry and watches easier than ever:


Fast & Easy


Receive an insurance quote in minutes and pay online instantly.

Accurate & Affordable


Get an accurate insurance quote for proper coverage so you always pay just enough – not more, not less.

Worry Free


Rest easy knowing your most precious pieces of jewelry are fully insured.


See how BriteCo insurance gives you so much more

Coverage Other Online Jewelry Insurance Renters/Homeowners Insurance Jewelry Warranty
Coverage Limits 125% of Appraisal Value Appraisal Value Capped as low as $1,000 Appraisal Value
Worldwide Coverage
Damage Limited
Theft Limited
Mysterious Disappearance
Limited Impact of Claims on Homeowners Insurance
Gifts to Others at Separate Address ? ?
Zero Deductible* ? ? ?
Authenticated Digital Appraisal
Free Annual Insurance Value Updates
Preventive Maintenance**

*Not applicable for agreed value policies
**Covers prong retipping; broken, worn or bent prongs; broken earring posts; clasp replacement; restringing of broken or stretched pearl strands; and stone tightening

Making a Claim?

No delays. No hassles.
No worries.


Learn more about claims

When your jeweler uses the BriteCo Appraisal Management Platform, we know precisely how much insurance you need to replace your watch or jewelry.

If you have to make a claim for theft, loss, damage, or disappearance, you can be sure your replacement piece will be fully covered.

Jeweler appraising watches

Comprehensive coverage
with confidence

Immediate coverage

Annual insurance value updates

Replacement coverage up to 125% of appraised value

Zero deductibles

Easy access online account


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BriteCo LLC is a licensed insurance agency in all fifty states and the District of Columbia.
Please see the Licenses section of this website for more information. All insurance policies underwritten and issued by HDI Global Insurance Company and administered by BriteCo.