Customer Engagement

Here’s how to bring the best of online shopping into your store

By Wendy Paler, BriteCo COO

This is an article BriteCo COO Wendy Paler wrote for Instore Mag.

Consider what makes e-commerce great and integrate those ideas.

WHENEVER WE GO online, small pieces of data called “cookies” are issued from websites to track us. Why? Tracking cookies help to create a super-personalized browsing experience, which in turn makes the user feel seen and understood. When consumers see items tailored specifically to their interests, they’re more likely to spend.

How do we create a personalized experience inside the store without following our customers around? Here are some easy tips to create an experience that will make your customers feel welcome.


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About the Author

Wendy Paler is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of BriteCo. She has served in a variety of client-facing and operational leadership roles in both higher education and technology companies. Wendy is guest columnist for Instore Magazine and a speaker at jewelry industry conferences.


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